Friday, September 22, 2006

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I haven't posted here in a while. Sorry about that. Between the youth min blog that I run over at Grace for the Wayward Heart, and the Catholic Apologetics blog that I write at Get Into the Boat, I just haven't had time for the blog I contribute to that doesn't start with G.

This past week, Pope Benedict XVI was in Germany, and during a message that he was giving, in which he condemned violence as incompatible with God's character, he cited Islam as a religion that started out by spreading its faith through violent Jihads.

Read the history books. Heck, read the Qu'ran! That's what happened!

But what happens? The Muslims get offended, and they demand that the Pope apologise! And the Pope, because he's a wonderful and humble man, does!

But they say, "That's not good enough!" And they call for him to be removed from the Papacy. They claim that his message, condemning religious violence, is trying to incite war against the Muslims.

And, how do these offended-because-they're-obviously-peaceful-Muslims respond to Pope Benedict's remarks? By blowing stuff up, and killing people.

Yeah. "Dang that Pope calling us violent! How dare he! Our religion does not tolerate violence! Why, I'm gonna go blow up that church, I'm so pissed off!"

In Somalia, a missionary nun named Sr. Leonelli used to joke that, due to her work among Somali Muslims, there would be a bullet with her name on it. As a result of the Pope's remarks, Somali Muslims attacked the mission that she was a part of, and her prophecy came true, as she was shot and killed.

Sr. Leonelli, pray for us. Pray for peace in this crazy world.

And anyone who thinks that Islam is inherently peaceful, think again!
God bless


Blogger Gregory said...

A comment from Dave's brother and my friend Dan--he didn't have an account, so I'm tossing it up here.

Hey buddy. I've watched you along your journey as you've discovered Catholicism. I was there back in your crazy 'Pente' days, saw you discover your (now) home, and grow in the knowledge, and defense, of being Catholic.

I'm very proud of the path you've chosen, and the decisions you've made. That said, I would like to offer one peice of advice, if I may.

Your comments about the anti-peaceful foundation of the Islamic faith is very much akin to the arguements you try to assuage about the Catholic faith. Your defense of issues such as 'praying to Mary', transubstantiation, prayer to the saints, the papacy...all are usually combating ignorance of the true tenets of the faith- the meaning behind the symbols and practices. This is most noble. However, to equate Islam with violence (although I'm sure you feel you're just responding to the defense that Islam is peaceful and these are just a 'few extremists') well, it's no less ignorant in appearance.

There is endless text about love, mercy, compassion and peace in the Koran. And there are also many writings in Islam that justify, perhaps even command, Muslims to respond with deadly, merciless force. However, there have always been those who feel the Holy Scriptures of the Christians and Jews prescribes just such action.

These people have killed homosexuals, enslaved Africans, Indians, and islanders from every ocean. They have murdered and raped men, women, and children from countless societies. They have committed the crusades. They have killed for oil in the name of Christ. All, claiming Scripture as a guide.

As thinking men, we can see some of those examples and say, 'obviously those men were wrong AND in direct contrast to principles laid-out in Scripture', ...of course. However, until we have read, studied, and contemplated the sacred writings of other's difficult to judge or blanket ANY statement: whether it be they are, or are not, supposed to be based on a thing such as peace.

Just wanting to make sure that in defense of something we hold to be unfairly treated, we don't become those who unfairly treat in response. Something to think about.

cheers, your friend always,


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