Sunday, July 30, 2006

We are a sinning race, and to forget that may be the worst sin of all...

Know what's getting to me? Yes it's something I do, so don't call me a hypocrite, I already know.

I'm so freakin' annoyed by people today diminishing sin. Someone swears at the TV, someone cuts a driver off, someone gets extra change and keeps it. Oh these are are tiny, tiny sins. No big deal, right? WRONG

Let me remind you what sin is. It's the reason why there is a rift between the human race, and their God. It's the reason Adam and Eve were ejected from the Garden, and the reason Jesus Christ had to die. It's the reason pain and suffering exist. Were there no sin, the world would be spotless, blameless, perfect. Children in far-off countries wouldn't have to starve and die every day. There wouldn't be fires that claim whole families: mothers, fathers, children...babies. There wouldn't be crime, there wouldn't be hate.

Human beings would not have to be banished to Hell for eternity, were there no sin.

Yet people today sin hundreds of times a day, and still manage to sleep at night. Some say that there are worse sins than others. Well, what's a worse sin? Murdering a man, or telling a lie? Well, what if the person who murdered the man saw the folly, and begged God for forgiveness, and the liar laughed in God's face. Then what's worse? You can't draw a line, because when it comes down to it, every sin every individual person commits, is another reason Jesus Christ had to die and go to Hell.

If you can diminish something as serious as the acts that nailed Jesus to the cross, how can our society hope to live under God's eye? Right now our diminished sins could be our simple swearing, stealing change, all the way up to mugging people, and carjacking. Maybe, years and years from now, even worse. Adultery could be the new swearing, and murder could be the new stealing... Where does it end? And in a world not willing to repent, we could be the new Nineveh. Not willing to repent means not willing to be saved. What's to stop God from wiping this sinful race from the earth?

God asks us not to sin, and our response is to find new ways to sin and then say it's nothing. To belittle something that God forbids, is like writing our own eulogy.

Listen, if you think to yourself at anytime, "Oh, it was only a slip of tongue" or "It was only a couple bucks I swindled them" or "I only lied once", you are diminishing sin, and you are wrong. Take out the 'only' because it's those slips and mistakes that if diminished, grow into more and more ignored sins, which put Jesus on the Cross.

I'm taking a stand, and I WONT ignore the nails I pound into Jesus' wrists. I will acknowledge what I've done, and beg, beg that God can find it in His heart to forgive me. We are a sinning race. To forget that may be the worst sin of all.



Blogger Eric said...

I'll given an amen to that.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Hidden One said...

I'll belatedly second that Amen.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Lati said...

wow. that really touched my heart.

7:06 PM  

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