Saturday, June 03, 2006

Enough Drama!

Holy crap, I'm dang sick of all this teen drama. Why is it that every single teenager in the history of time must be so dang dramatic about every little thing. Break a nail? "My life is horrible!" Bah.

Look, I'm going to say that 80% of teenagers do not hard a hard life, or even a difficult life. Some teens have a -bad- life, where perhaps there's violence in the home, a parent passed away, or there's no home at all. That's bad, maybe even hard. But that's not the majority of teens. The majority of us sit at home, on our computers, in the air conditioning, not paying rent or for food or any expenses, and still find time to talk about how bad their life is, and how mad they are at their friends.

Hey teens, drop the drama. Life isn't hard. Wait until you can't keep up with your mortgage payments, or until the times you don't know where your kids are at 1 in the morning. Think about the lives of police officers, and fire fighters, doctors, surgeons... Think about the life of Jesus Christ. You don't have it hard. They do. And He did. You have it going on. So, now, the time when everything is the easiest, don't be the one who pulls out the drama for a little attention. You do NOT have it hard. Jesus had it hard.

And don't you think about comparing your life to His because it just can't be done. He had it infinitely more difficult than you ever will, and He still loves you. Think about that when you're making life hard for everyone around you because you think that the life of a teenager is hard.



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JEWS. Especially their King.


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