Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey, we can do better than just stealing...

Okay, some people don't fall into the boundaries of any specific religion, so they live their life how they feel they should, and believe what they believe. There's nothing wrong with original ideas, however unique they may or may not be.

But what really ticks me off is when someone takes aspects from certain religions, and changes them to suit their needs. Such as taking the idea of heaven from Christianity, and claiming that they believe that God created it, God reigns in it, God controls it, but yet, they'll just get in. they don't have to believe any of Jesus' works, and they don't have to follow any of the rules. They just like the idea of a nice place to go after life, no strings attached.

Well, there are strings. If you believe God made a heaven, and God runs it God's way, then you should dang well believe all the other stuff HE said about it. Such as, you wont go there unless you go through Jesus Christ. That isn't just God's theory... That how it is!

If me and my brother got out a Monopoly board, set out some pieces, and started wingin' dice around, and playing by our own made up rules, it would NOT work. Rules are there for a reason. Because that's how the game makers made it work. It doesn't work any other way.

I got angry at a comment on a blog that I will leave nameless, from a person who I forget the name of anyway:

"I see the heaven/hell thing this way:

I live my life however I want to. If I want to be a dirty sinning fornicator, then I will be. If there is a God when I die, I will get in to heaven because He supposedly forgives us of all our sins. If there is no God, then I just have the glory of saying 'fuck you, I was right' when I die."

Even if you're not Christian, you've gotta get a little PO'd at that. If there is a Christian heaven, then there's a Christian God. If there's a Christian God, then He's perfect, and never wrong. Especially when He/Jesus says that "no one comes to the Father but through Me", that means that you're going to hell without Jesus. And, if you don't believe that anyone goes to Hell, then why mention it at all? Why would the God who you claim will let anyone into Heaven even create it?

Jees.. People just don't think..



Blogger Gregory said...

Amen! Rock on, Dave!

2:08 PM  
Blogger Matthew Karabela said...

Hey, true dat!

8:05 PM  

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