Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Black Bear

I realize that there hasn't been much response, or commenting like I asked for, so I thought I'd give a little more structure and information about me and the bear. The location where the battle will go down is unknown as of now.

"Wild male black bears of breeding age usually weigh between 125 and 500 pounds, depending upon age, season, and food. Very well fed bears can be heavier. The record is 880 pounds in Craven County, North Carolina, and a close second from northeastern Minnesota weighed 876 pounds on September 5, 1994. Wild females usually weigh between 90 and 300 pounds with the heaviest known female weighing 520 pounds in northeastern Minnesota on August 30, 1993. Black bears in captivity may exceed these records.

50 to 80 inches long[6.6 feet] , nose to tail, with males being larger than females

Bears see in color and have good vision close-up. Their distance vision (over two hundred yards) has not been tested.

Hearing: Exceeds human frequency ranges and probably twice the sensitivity.

Their smelling ability is extremely good. The limits are untested. Their nasal mucosa area is about 100 times larger than in humans.

Large brain compared to body size. One of the more intelligent mammals. Navigation ability superior to humans. Excellent long-term memory. Can generalize to the simple concept level.

Does not threaten by growling (except in movies).

Swimming: Good. Speed and distance limits are untested. Can swim at least a mile and a half in fresh water. One swam more than 9 miles in the Gulf of Mexico. Can swim to island campsites.

Lean bears can exceed 30 mph. Can run uphill, downhill, or on level ground. Fat bears in winter coats overheat and tire quickly.

Most bears become active a half-hour before sunrise, take a nap or two during the day, and bed down for the night an hour or two after sunset. However, some bears are active at night to avoid people or bears.

The greatest misconception about black bears is that they are likely to attack people in defense of cubs. They are highly unlikely to do this. Black bear researchers often capture screaming cubs in the presence of bluff-charging mothers with no attacks. Defense of cubs is a grizzly bear trait. About 70 percent of human deaths from grizzly bears are from mothers defending cubs, but black bear mothers have not been known to kill anyone in defense of cubs."

Click to learn more.

I've decided that my bear will be a large male about 450 pounds. For reasons unknown, the bear will be overly aggressive, I'll decide why later. Standing, the bear will be 7'5". It has no problems seeing, smelling, or hearing, but it's navigation and intelligence are going to be slightly overshadowed by it's aggressiveness.

The bear is muscular, not fat, and it hasn't yet grown in it's winter coat, it's running speed and stamina are both unaffected. The bear will likely have no napped much in the time this battle will happen, and it might have less fighting stamina. This bear is not a father, and has no cubs, but for reasons unexplained, it's irritated with me and WILL attack. And is looking to.

Okay, now the low-down on me.

I stand 5'10.5", and weight 155 pounds. In my battle-stance, holding some sort of stick-weapon I stand 5'8". I, much like the bear, am overly aggressive towards the bear. I'm hunting it, I'm looking to fight it. I AM aggressive and WILL attack on sight. I am outmatched when it comes to smell and hearing. I can see slightly better long distance though. My intelligence is FAR superior to that or the bear's, and our navigation skills are about the same, with the bear having more 'woodsmarts' at it's disposal to help it.

I am fairly fit and muscular. I have a lot of equipment for surviving in the bush, such as maps, compass, good clothes, and good food that keeps my stamina up. I have no weapons, other than the dull striking object that I will decide upon later. And I knife-fork-spoon set that I will NOT use to attack the bear. My stamina is fairly good and I keep it up with a good amount of rests and good food. My fighting stamina is driven by my quest to not be killed in my mission. I am not a father, and I have no cubs, but for reasons unexplained, I'm irritated and WILL attack. And I'm looking to.

The bear is obviously bigger and stronger, and will be attacking with powerful claw-paw swipes. Once I'm hit with one, I can be knocked out, I can have bones broken, I can be killed once put onto the ground by one of the bone-breaking swipes.

Now, I'm hoping people will actually comment on what weapon would be fair for me to have in the fight. An area they'd like to see. Any problems you have, or things you want cleared up... But please, please comment and keep the Bearfight alive.




Blogger Gregory said...

If you hadn't said that thing about for reasons yet unexplained, black bears are more prone to run away than attack people.

You mighta wanted to go with a grizzly or even a polar bear, since they've been known to attack people before.

Oh, and fight it at the Cons!

8:31 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Yeah, because I can take a grizzly..

11:05 PM  

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