Thursday, July 14, 2005

Greatest Summer Ever?

Okay, so last Tuesday. What was everybody doing? Were you bored? That's okay. Were you actually doing something? Even better. Was anybody sitting in the board room of the Guelph Legion watching your father stamp nickel holders?

Yeah, the final party of my cell group, which I had anticipated for about four weeks was that night. No, but my father assumes that I'm not doing anything at all that night, and keeps me out just late enough to miss my ride. And what for? Absolutely nothing! I did nothing! I sat there.

He told us later that he hadn't even expected me to go. But he didn't tell me that, there wasn't even enough room in the car because all of the crap he had in there. But he made us squeeze in and sit for hours. 2:30 until 5:30 I did nothing.

To add to this wonderful situation, Kristen was going to the party, and I haven't seen her in forever and any feelings I might have had for her are almost gone. Even when she's on MSN it's all "g2g" and "sry just leaving". So, I NEVER get to see her, or talk to her until just tonight.

So at this point I have no idea why I wasn't picked up for the party or even if she was going or not. I suspected not. Anyways, so she asks me why I wasn't there, and that they drove up to my house and everything and I wasn't freakin' there. Well, my summer of doing absolutely nothing has been fun and all, but I kinda really wanted to go. And I am now, in the worst mood I've been in in quite a while. To top things off, my aunt rented a cottage and invited us up. Good. A chance to hang out with my cousin from Kitchener whom I also never see. Oh, wait, would that be fun? Right, we can't be having that. The brakes on the van are making noises and the van can't be looked at until Monday, the day AFTER we would have returned. Beautiful. My shining summer fun redemption, gone.

Oh, I'm not done. Just now, I blew up at Kristen in my pissy mood as she left. Damn it all. I can't believe how this is going. It hurts.

Now, to worsen my mood, I have to take the only thing I have right now to blame, and set it right.

I'm blaming my dad for ruining any fun I might have had with the cell and possibly Kristen, but I'm only mad, not unfair. So, that means I have to give him some credit.

Some might not know this, but this year is the year of the veteran. The nickels that my dad was casing were the new Victory nickels. His goal is to get them distributed to as many groups of people as possible so that the word can get out about the Year of the Veteran, and these veterans who are old and dying, are getting the recognition they deserve.

There. He is doing a commendable deed, but in doing so is ignoring his kids, he has a tendency to do that. He often tells us about how terrible his life is with us sitting right there. He is a smart man, a selfless man, but is oblivious to the feelings of his own children. Yeah. Wonderful isn't it.

So, I'm really mad. And not interested in talking to anybody, so please don't give me any advice or anything like that or I'll block you, walk away, hang up, or just ignore you.

Oh, and if Kristen is reading, which I'm sure she wont be, because she doesn't have the url, you're the only one I'm sorry to. Alright? Alright.

Yeah, that's my rant.

Screw summer.



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