Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dave = Always Right?

I've ranted about my father, who at the best of times, can be frustratin' as sin. But, because my mind is only partially clouded, I can admit that I'm just like him. I'm the same vessel, steered in a different direction.

I mean, I obsess over things that I don't like, until they're right in my books, without even considering another opinion. I go overboard sometimes with my roughness of my friends, my, less blessed with the gift of physical strength, friends. I make fun of serious situations, and make fun situations serious. And I'm sometimes overly sexist, or board on racism. Wrong wrong wrong.

Anyway, before I continue, I have to give my dad's upside, as to make it a fair thrashing, if that's possible. He is very intellegent, and taught me more than I've ever learned in school. He did shape my morals. Strong Christian man who doesn't let the change of tides and opinions shape his view of the spiritual world. And most importantly, I can safely say that my dad loves me somethin' feirce. And I gotta say, that despite his parenting issues, and physical limitations, I would never ask for him to change in any way.. just complain about how he is now.

Okay. So, the final thing that my father and I share, is not being able to admit being wrong.

So, there are a couple of you out there, who have shared disagreements with me. And If you know who you are, I admit that I was wrong.

But I'm sorry, that's all you get, I can't do this. It hurts my always-being-right persona.

Anywho. Apoligies.



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