Sunday, July 10, 2005

Oh, I'm scared.

Yeah. Terrible day today.

Boredom is the reason.

So, I have been asking and offering to hang out with people, and everybody always seems to have an excuse. But today, I just see a girls MSN screen name, who I've asked to hang out with but she couldn't because of work and hanging with others, 'boredom sucks massive ass. blah'.

That hurts.

So, in thusly, I was totally bored today and no one could halt it.


So, I've been uber performing in baseball lately. Making huge catches, amazing stops and even better throws, little to no strike outs. And for what? A team with no self-esteem to lose it anyways.

Now, I was always certain that a team's failures are the team's cause, and the TEAM'S problems. But I can say that I haven't given MY team any outs, and I've given the other team, every out that comes my way?

So, what happens to a big fish caught in a small pond?

I guess we'll find out.

Just sucks.

The end, really bad mood.




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