Monday, July 04, 2005


I have to say. Staying up until like 4 in the morning arguing with Greg about the colour for the new blog is both a pain and a hastle.

But. I've come up with a combination that I like. Greg might not. But I have the power! Seriously. Greg suggested purple. Pur-ple. Eww man. Eww. We are manly men. Though, I cant see manly men staying up until 4 o'clock arguing about what colour looks best with what...


Well, this is a ranting blog, where I don't have any specific guidelines as to what I have to write about, so I'll give all-yalls an analysis of a-my day, thusfar, and where it shall go.

So, I stayed up until four this morning, and that is likely why I stayed in bed until almost 2. I got up after hearing a knock on the door that I didn't answer. I went into y brothers room and watched him play Metal Gear Solid 2 for our new PS2. Pretty freakin' sweet game if I do say so.

I went downstairs for food, which turned into a 'go downstairs for food, but end up on the computer'.

Yeah, so then I finished the templating on Three Nails, and decided to post.

Now that you're up to speed:

So, Dan, my brother, was supposed to come over today and watch a movie. Like, we had the movie rented, chips and pop ready, and guess what? He's a no-show. So now, even if he did come, we wouldn't be able to get through the movie because I have a game tonight. Darn it. I was excited.

Dear Daniel,

You'll get yours.

Yours truly,
Dave Stoneburgh

And, I hope he gets that outrageous anger-related letter.

Yeah, so baseball.

I gotta say, my team sucks. We get mercied in the fifth inning like every game. (That mean the other team is up by at least ten runs in the fifth, and they call the game) Yeah, so you can see, we suck.

But last Wednesday, we had a regular game. Barley had enough players, really hot, not interested in losing again tonight....BAM! First inning was a mercy. Yeah, we got five runs before they could get the three outs, and thusly, we mercied them an inning.

Spirits are high, and we just start clobberbrutalating. I start off my hitting with a single RBI. (Run batter in) and we all hit. E-freakin-mazing!

So, we're brutally ahead in like, the fourth inning, I'm holding a guy on second base, he's leading off... The pitch.. I step off the bag, run back a few steps into my position...BAM! Line drive. It flies between my current position and second base. I run, catch it, and step on the bag before the runner can tag up.

Unassisted double play. Feels so good.

So, we didn't mercy them, but were eight runs ahead at the end. Awesome game.

The moral of the story:

Dan, you'll get yours.

I'll tell you..Whoevers...How the game goes tonight.



Blogger Gregory said...

Dave, gotta say, I love the colour scheme! Well, except for the green links that turn orange, but meh, I don't have to look at those.

And I did not suggest just any purple. I was aiming for a dark purple, and that was only because you wanted the box around the title to be yellow! Purple and yellow complement! And what I had suggested was Indigo, which is the colour between purple and blue!

For our readers, I am an artist. I also happen to fit many gay stereotypes, apparently. All but "sleeps with other men" *shudder*.

As an artist with an overdeveloped sense of aesthetics, I was not going to let Dave make this site yellow on orange! Manly-man colours indeed!

God bless!
And Dave, again, good job!

10:15 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Dear Greg,

You'll get yours.

Yours truly,


3:15 PM  

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