Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Boohoo Mountain

So I was perusing the page, skimming the headlines, and ran across this article:"Brokeback Mountain author peeved about best-picture loss". Seems Annie Proulx is a tad upset that the movie based on her 1997 short story didn't win best picture. Read the article for some amusing words from her temper tantrum on this point.

For myself, I'm still back somewhere at the "I can't believe a movie like that could get made, let alone be nominated for an Academy Award!" I remember two years ago, when The Passion of the Christ came out, how when the Oscars came around it almost didn't get in at all because it was "too controversial". Let me just say, I would have been "peeved" if Brokeback Mountain had won best picture.

Annie, you're not even a blip on my sympathy-metre. I'm almost a little relieved that Hollywood had enough taste not to further glorify sin by awarding the movie with Best Picture. Almost.

On the other hand, the whole display was quite amusing.

(Psalm 37:12-13)


Blogger Dave said...

Holy jees, that's so dumb.. Stankin' cowboys and their...hobbies..



5:53 PM  

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