Thursday, November 17, 2005

If you're looking for a serious, intelligent post, read the bunch before this. I need to pull a Nate, a rant some serious anger out.

So yeah, serious post: not this one.

Okay, I'm really REALLY angry about some people I'm come into contact as of late. I told someone not to touch my coat, so what do they do? Go out of their way to touch it. And if I tell another little person, to be quiet, or stop making fun of someone, he does it again, and then tries to run away. I'm so sick of people who try to test me, and my anger. I am SO sick of it. I do it too sometimes, and I realize that it's annoying, so sorry to those who I've tested, but still, don't test me. I'm likely bigger than you. And if not, then I'm probably bigger than your it.

Okay, today Nate's girlfriend, who I am going to refrain from calling ... something profane ... managed to knock me over. Congratulations, that isn't an easy feat, but still.. REALLY mad. What was I supposed to do? Had Rick, Eric, Nate, or someone else like that, someone male had jumped at me, I would have either ripped them in half, or leveled them. But when a girl rhinoceroses at me, what the hell can I do, other then attempt to hold her up a little. I had my hands in my pocket too. Bah, nothing I could do but fall. Girls should not attack men. Ever. Joking with them usually ends up with me getting kicked, punched, or charged at. I can't fight back, and there's the chance for unearned humiliation. I freakin' HATE it...WhEn GiRlS aTtAcK!!! One day I'm going to accidentally kill one..then I'll go to jail. Stupid laws.


Bah, that made me mad.

Alright, another thing that has recently gotten to me. The constant use of sexism and racism in jokes. A lot of my friends have been doing that a lot lately. I have too, but I realize I shouldn't.

Recently, I heard this from a friend after video games: "You know what I just realized? I just plain hate black people." A joke of course.. but still.. This is terrible. I do similar things, and shall stop. But seriously, everyone, we're just freakin' terrible and should STOP.

Bah. I'm angry.

And awesome.



Blogger Eric said...

I agree with most of what you said. Women and men shouldn't fight, and yes I am willing to get into a debate of gender issues. Also, I have made many a racist joke as of late, and I do humbly repent. Dave, I'm counting on you to keep me accountable.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Matthew Karabela said...

try a punching bag. i find that helps grotesquely. or another word, indefinitely.

thats my advice

7:47 PM  

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